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  • Basic customization options

  • Integration of up to 10 3D elements

  • Basic analytics

  • Basic support (email and phone during business hours)

  • Access to basic tutorial videos

  • Delivery time up to 1 month

  • Advanced customization options

  • Integration of up to 20 3D elements

  • Enhanced analytics and user tracking

  • Setup and customization assistance

  • Access to advanced tutorial videos

  • Support for event organization

  • Delivery time up to 1 month

  • Monthly maintenance option (99€/month)

Price: 9999€


Space Size: Small

Key Features:

Price: 2999€

Price: 4999€

Space Size: Medium

Key Features:

  • Full customization options (like password)

  • Unlimited integration of 3D elements

  • Comprehensive analytics and user tracking

  • Dedicated setup and customization support

  • Access to premium tutorial content

  • Monthly maintenance and updates (from 99€/month)

  • Direct sales and affiliate link integration

  • Event preparation and management support

  • Full VR/AR support for immersive experiences

Space Size: Large

Key Features: